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PostHeaderIcon PPEU goes CEP 2019

Since the end of 2015, the PPEU members have met up to exchange their views on major issues concerning the whole of Europe. The national perspectives of certain problems are discussed while aiming for a common position. This should eventually lead to a common manifesto for the European elections of 2019.

This is similar to the successful process that took place in advance of the elections to the European Parliament in 2014.

This process offers us the opportunity to find where we can co-ordinate our campaigns where we agree and through healthy discussion find a mutually beneficial way forward in areas we currently disagree.

By establishing the PPEU, our procedure has simplified, in part due to the relationships between the different Pirate Parties strengthening.

The appointment series carrying the headline “Let’s talk” or “We need to talk” is still currently irregular but remains geared to the current needs of the members.

We have already passed the following milestones:

27.11.2015 – initial meeting (hosted by PP-DE)

20.01.2016 – Refugees 1st part (hosted by PP-DE)


03.02.2016 – Refugees Part 2 (hosted by PP-DE)


17.02.2016 – Economy 1st part (hosted by PP-CZ)

02.03.2016 – Migration (hosted by PP-DE)
postponed due to technical problems.

The next events will take place on:

23.03.2016 20:00h CET – TTIP (hosted by PP-IT)
18.05.2016 20:00h CEST – Economy Part 2


PostHeaderIcon PPEU Council-Meeting 2015

PPEU Council has its meeting on 17.07.-18.07.2015 in Brussels at Pyramide at Avenue Ariane 12, Woluwé-Saint-Lambert from 16.00 hrs on.

Streaming may be avaiable (weak Wifi-Connection):


With nice support by:


PostHeaderIcon PPEU goes Luxembourg

On Sept. 4th, 2013 the Pirateparty of Luxembourg will host the next conference of European pirate parties to finalize the foundation process.

Warsaw Declaration of the European Pirate Party – Letter of Intent

We, the undersigning European Pirates,

realizing the need for a new political party in Europe,

affirming the declaration of Prague,
affirming the declaration of Paris,

taking into account the negotiations at the Barcelona conference,
taking into account the negotiations at the Manchester conference,
taking into account the negotiations at the Paris conference,
taking into account the negotiations at the Warsaw conference,

noting the results of the meeting in Aarau,
noting the results of the meeting in Potsdam,
noting the results of the meeting in Rome,
noting the results of the meeting in Zagreb,
noting the results of the meeting in Kiev,
noting the results of countless online meetings,

Declare negotiation process for the foundation of the European Pirate Party as complete,

Agree on the overall details of the structure of the statutes for the organization as was decided on the said conferences and meetings,

State our commitment to the Manifesto as agreed upon at the Warsaw conference,

Declare our intent to join the European Pirate Party, with regard to the ratification process that is set by individual Parties,

Agree to convene in Luxembourg to lay the foundation of the European Pirate Party by formally adopting statutes and Manifesto,

Invite other Pirates Parties of Europe to join us in the foundation of the European Pirate Party.

[ ]

PostHeaderIcon PPEU goes Barcelona

On Sept. 1st / 2nd the Pirates de Catalunya will host the first conference of European pirate parties solely dedicated to the objective of agreeing on draft statutes for the European Pirates, the organization that is to coordinate the policies and electoral campaigns of the pirate movement across Europe.

Over 40 delegates from more than 15 countries all over Europe will attend the conference. It will be of vital importance for the founding of the European Pirate Party early 2013. Core topics include details of structure, membership, and decision making which have been prepared in regular online conferences during the previous months.

The working sessions will take place throughout the weekend on the Citilab premises in Cornellà. Afterwards a series of talks is going to attract public interest in the  heart of Barcelona’s centre on Sunday afternoon organized by Pirates de Catalunya:


Birgitta Jónsdóttir: Member of the Icelandic Parliament. Activist and spokesperson for various groups, among them Wikileaks and the International Modern Media Institute. Proponent of the Freedom of Information Act passed in June 2010 and a founding member of the Icelandic Pirate Party. Jónsdóttir will discuss the Icelandic Revolution, the current situation faced by Wikileaks and Julian Assange and what led some of those involved in Iceland’s movement to establish an Icelandic Pirate Party.

Aleks Lessmann: Political director of PP Bavaria and one of the foreign policy leaders of the Pirate Party of Germany, which currently holds 45 state parliament seats and 163 city/municipal council seats, Lessmann will present the German pirates’ vision for Europe. After climbing to 14% in the polls, the Piratenpartei is working towards bringing civic participation to the European elections as well.

Josep Jover: Lawyer and coordinator of the legal group for the 15M movement. He defeated the SGAE (the Spanish MPAA and RIAA) in court, having Spain’s private copying levy declared illegal in October 2010, and had its leadership arrested on corruption charges a year and a half later. He was also the Catalan Pirate candidate in the Spanish general elections. Jover will talk about international cooperation on the European level to protect the rights of citizens of the European Union.

Muriel from / Krishna

PostHeaderIcon First meetings for PPEU statutes and organization and common program

Dear Pirates,

The Prague declaration on cooperation between European Pirate Parties provides two concrete goals:

A) to have a common election program included in the individual programs of the respective parties (§ II.)
B) to establish a political party at European level (§ IV.)

Both tasks require a lot of energy, ressources and time, so let’s start now to work on them! For this purpose two seperate mailinglists were created to coordinate the tasks:

A) pp-eu.programme
B) pp-eu.statutes

In addition regular meetings are held to work on the seperate tasks. The first meetings will be

A) Mai 15th 21:30 CET
B) Mai 17th 20:00 CET

We will meet in Mumble server (Port 64738) in the channel “International > PPEU”.

In these meetings we will discuss only the respective topics, that means in A) we will not discuss the structure of PPEU f.ex. Also please bear in mind that these first meetings will be mainly about “how” we will work for the next few months and not already about detailled discussions of the topic itself. To avoid repeating arguments and discussing what has already been discussed please refer to and read through the blogposts in preparation for the meetings.

We will prepare a proposal for an agenda and share it a few days before both meetings so everyone can contribute. Please subscribe yourself to the respective mailinglists to receive these announcements.

We hope a lot of you will participate – only together we can realize our ambitious goals!



The Prague declaration

PostHeaderIcon How to go on?

So the conference in Prague is over – we got a good conversation about PPEU going, including some criticism that was being voiced.

The big breakthrough we had in Prague was a declaration regarding PPEU. Many Pirates sat together for hours to formulate it and the fact that many Pirates have signed it already shows that we are going into the right direction. The biggest challenge lying ahead is to have this declaration ratified by all European Pirate Parties.

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PostHeaderIcon Voting in PPEU? By whom and on what?

This is a post regarding current discussions among Pirates how PPEU should be organzied. It was written by Mattias Bjärnemalm and is reposted here unchanged except for minor formatting.  A cc-by-license applies.

I would like to start by stating that what I write is always my personal opinion and that you can assume the majority of the Swedish Pirates to be both less positive towards and less interested in European cooperation and organization than I am. Sitting in the heart of EU and working in the European parliament gives me a bias towards European unity that by far outweighs the general position among the Swedish population and Swedish pirates. Perhaps that can explain why only two Swedish Pirates (me being one of them) filled in the Survey that was recently presented here.
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PostHeaderIcon Preliminary Survey Results

Last night we closed our first survey. The results are not that easy to publish so it will take some time until we can make them fully available to you. Nevertheless, we do not want to make you wait that long and therefore publish the results, excluding the individual responses and without extra weight on votes given by Pirate Parties in comparison to individual Pirates, now. The percentages do not always add up exactly to 100 percent. That comes from the survey plug-in and should get corrected with the final results. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon The Prague Declaration

The First Step to Succeed in European Parliament Elections 2014
The assembled European Pirates signed below agreed on the following:
We intend to run in the elections to the European Parliament in the year 2014.
We declare the intent
a) to have a common election program included in the individual programs of the respective parties,
b) to coordinate our election campaigns,
c) to cooperate closely in the European Parliament on the realisation of our common program.
The common program shall consist of components regarding European policies that have been approved by participating parties.
Every participating party will be able to set forth its opinion and report the state of its procedure regarding every proposal.
We agree to establish a political party at European level [1].
We propose this declaration for ratification to the competent bodies of the European Pirate Parties.
[1] Regulation (EC) No 2004/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 November 2003, as later amended.

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PostHeaderIcon What we do in Prague and how to prepare?

One reason of our blog-series was to lay the foundation of the discussions at the Pirate Parties International conference in Prague on April 14th to 15th. In this last post before the conference we would like to give a few tips on how to prepare for the conference to enable all participants to focus the discussions and get out of the panel with the most satisfying results.

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