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As you may or may not be aware, there have been talks about facilitating the founding of a European Pirate Party. This blog has been created to introduce you to the topic, and to document the discussions that have been held on the topic in the run-up of the Pirate Parties International GA in Prague on April 14/15 2012. An extra panel will take place at the PPI GA to initiate further talks on PPEU.

The discussion started to take shape on the PPEU mailing list , and was then structured via Piratepad  and a Wiki. This blog is now supposed to present the discussion so far in a way that is more accessible and easier to grasp than the Wiki. It will make it possible for those who will attend the PPEU panel at the PPI GA to prepare themselves and take an informed position regarding the various points that will have to be decided upon.

Before we get to the open questions, however, we will start by summing up what the intentions and motivation behind PPEU have been so far.

We are planning to release three more blog posts until Mid-April. The first one will discuss the question why we think a PPEU is needed. The second one will focus on the possible structure of PPEU, while the last one will deal with what we plan to discuss and do in Prague, and how you can prepare for the PPEU panel there.

We will do our best to incorporate not just our own views into the blog posts, but also to incorporate the opinions of others as far as they have been present in the discussions. However, if you think that we missed something, please let us know via the comments.

We will need your help on one more aspect: We will not be able to provide translations for all of our articles, nor will we be able to spread it in a way that every pirate will be able to read them, even though they are aimed at all European Pirates. Please help us translate the blog posts and please link them to your local Mailing lists, blogs, social media accounts, and so on. Thank you!

Kind regards, and na shledanou v Praze

Here is the link to the Pad with the Translations:

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